William Beattie is an excellent choice for an attorney. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation in a criminal case because of how dedicated he is to his clients. When I was charged with a serious felony, Bill was a real comfort to me and my family. He explained the legal process in a manner that was easily understood. He always prepared me for what was coming up and checked in with me often. I could contact him anytime if I had questions or concerns, and he was always there with an answer. Not only is Bill reliable, he is also a very genuine and caring person. With his help, I was able to get my case deferred out of court and ultimately dismissed. It was the very best outcome I could have hoped for. I am so pleased to recommend him as a great attorney. 

Bryce D.

As an out-of-state parent, and attorney myself, I was referred to Bill when my college-aged son had criminal charges in Illinois. I have high expectations of other lawyers and Bill surpassed them. He was responsive, provided realistic expectations, and brought a sense of personal integrity to the case that I am sure helped achieve an outcome in my son’s favor. He understands the concerns of his clients and provided both carefully reasoned advice and thoughtful representation that are among the best I have ever seen. 

William K.

There are so many lawyers from which to choose, and William Beattie was recommended to me. I am so happy that I chose him to represent me. Because I was unfamiliar with the law and court proceedings regarding my case, I was very nervous and concerned. Mr. Beattie clearly explained the law and legal processes pertaining to my case, the possible outcomes, and the variables that might affect the outcome. His composure and experience were very reassuring. His excellent work and representation skills resulted in a favorable outcome. I highly recommend William Beattie.

Lisa K.

I utilized the services of William Beattie for a DUI charge in 2019, and from the first phone call, Bill was pleasant and professional. In every meeting we had, he made me feel more and more at ease, and I could tell he was doing everything he could to represent me in the most effective manner. Bill kept me aware of everything that was happening. He not only informed me of what was going on but also educated me throughout the process. Because of his hard work and determination, I was found not guilty of DUI. I have zero hesitation recommending the services of The Law Offices of William Beattie to anyone for what may be the most important phone call of their life. 

Bradley F.

Unfortunately, I needed a very good lawyer when I was charged with my second DUI. Bill’s name came up a number of times.  I was told that he was one of the best regarding alcohol and drug-related driving offenses. Because it was my second DUI, I risked losing my driving privileges indefinitely and that would have been devastating for me. I live alone and suffer from a number of medical conditions that require me to drive to numerous doctor appointments every week. I knew people who have had multiple DUI’s and I was afraid that I would lose my license like they did. Bill believed I could keep my driving privileges and he was right. Bill worked hard on my behalf both in and out of court and I kept my license. One of Bill’s many attributes is his ability to keep his clients calm throughout their ordeal. I recommend him highly.

Robert B.

I was facing three different legal battles at the same time when I was falsely accused of a domestic battery. I hired Mr. Beattie to fight both my criminal cases and an order of protection. Bill worked with me and explained everything that was going to happen. He gathered evidence, spoke with witnesses that proved my innocence, and was ready to fight each case every time we appeared in court. Bill was always a few steps ahead of the prosecution and it truly helped. In the end, every charge was dropped. I truly believe that Bill’s hard work and experience made the difference. 

Edison U.